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Happy Friday!

What’s to blame for this misfortune? David Cameron’s hubris about Brexit. I’ve been making this point since the referendum. One of the things he should have done was explained that an advisory referendum is not binding. Or made it binding on 75% vote. The actual vote was too close and neither side should really be claiming victory. He’s a knob, he brought this on himself. Unfortunately, he also brought it down on us…

Marine A must not become a hero. I’ve been really uncomfortable about this case. I worry that we send soldiers into combat, ask them to do impossible things and then abandon them afterwards. I really truly believe that we don’t treat our troops or their families properly. We need to do better. The Army needs to do better.If he developed a disorder that impaired his judgement, he shouldn’t have been in combat and he sure as hell shouldn’t have been in the army. But he knew he was doing wrong? He said to the others, “I’ve just broken the Geneva convention”, he knew. His lawyers and his wife were saying that he would love to be part of the Royal Marines again and that can’t happen. The difference between the our Armed Forces and the Taliban is that we have rules, we don’t shoot unarmed prisoners.

I was vulnerable and wanted a home. What I got was a workhouse Without knowing the ins and out of what happened or which charity he’s talking about, I can’t comment on this case.  There is a question though about what comes first the mental ill health and/or the drinking or the homelessness. Either way the structure of a working day and a community, could be really important in providing a way to get back to ‘normal’ and is should be a temporary, short term arrangement. If it is, I have no problem with it, what we don’t know is whether there was a plan to transistion people out of this and into a proper job and independent living is the real issue and that isn’t answered.

Trump Reportedly Handed Merkel a $374 Billion Invoice for NATO. America you really should be embarrassed right now…

Spring is here and I must emerge from hibernation smarter and cleaner. This just struck me as really funny!

As someone who has never filed a tax return, I don’t earn enough and have always been PAYE, I found this both interesting and horrifying. Why I’m boycotting TurboTax this year. So Americans all have to file tax returns because of the lobbying of a business that makes it’s money helping people file tax returns. That’s just so messed up…

A world without retirement. This is scary, I have 24 years to go until I hit retirement age (assuming that they don’t change it again), if I will have hit max contributions in about 10 years time. Pensions are a massive ponzi scheme my NI is being used to fund pensioners now (hi Ma!) and if what Frank Field is saying int he article is gov thinking, why should I pay NI beyond my contributions? Also Frank, that’s easy to say when you have final salary pension funded by my tax contributions. I have a feeling I might end my days camping on the allotment!

All my friends had some nightmare experience trying to get pregnant. My story took the cake. When this article was first published, I read the headline and skipped it. I find the stories of women who had fertility issues and overcame them, wearing in the extreme. I went back to it and that’s not what it’s about. This to me was what the article was about “Everybody doesn’t get everything”. I’m sorry that she didn’t get it in what was possibly the most horrifying situation to be in but I’m glad that she acknowledges her privilege as well as her grief. Worth reading.


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  1. plot34 says:

    I like Friday Links. I agree with you about Marine A.

  2. plot34 says:

    Agree about David Cameron too!

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