March Recap/April Goals

The first quarter of 2017 is done. The days are long but the months seem to fly by, in March the days started to lengthen and my mood is improved.  It wasn’t a very social month, I did get to the allotment work day and Grace. Last weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day and Laura’s birthday (Happy Birthday Lu!) at Ben and Lu’s. There was Gin Club last night and being out on the allotment more so my social life was less planned and more bumping into people on the plot.

So let’s review the March Goals….

  • Use Bright Light Therapy Headset every day. I missed a couple of days the weekend of 18-19 March and I did feel more tired. Other than that, I used it every morning and it seemed to be more effective on the days that I was at work, because I was getting up when it was a bit darker.
  • Get out of the house by 7:30am on workdays & 10pm lights out on schoolnightsMostly nailed this and it’s dull but it does help. Even when the trains make me late!
  • Going for a walk at least every other day. I surprised myself by making this happen, it does help..
  • Stretching. Another tick, I needed to do it so I did.
  • Clean the oven. Part of my focus on the house.
  • Housework routineI did better but not perfect. More to aim for next month.
  • Renew passport. Did not do, lost my travel card instead
  • Clothes repair. I have a heap of clothes that need buttons tightening/patching etc, I just need to devote an hour or two to fixing them.
  • Allotment
    • Finish preping the beds, clearing what needs to be cleared
    • Sow things outdoors. This is really weather dependent but by the end of the month I should have been able to sow, carrots, beetroot, chard, spinach, peas and the herbs, chives, parsley, dill and coriander.
    • Sow things indoors, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash
    • Work on rubbish pile and creating a compost area – this is being deferred to April
    • Order and set up shed, which is going to take some help – this is also being deferred to next month

Aside from these I also picked up two other things, the first was to make a concerted effort to eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and the other was a complete accident. I read something about a woman who does squats while she brushes her teeth to save time and while I didn’t need to save time, I started doing it. On the 1 March I did 20 squats when I brushed my teeth (so 40 in total), then I upped it by one a day. So yesterday, I did 50 squats in the morning and 50 in the evening. It’s not going to make me fit but in the spirit of my ‘add something’ aim last month, I’m going to carry on with this next month.


  • Use Bright Light Therapy Headset every day. This is here because after getting used to the lighter mornings, the clocks went forward and I started waking up in the dark again. As it gets lighter, I may stop using it because I shouldn’t need it.
  • Get out of the house by 7:30am on workdays & 10pm lights out on schoolnights. More of the same
  • Going for a walk at least every other day. More of the same
  • Stretching. More of the same
  • Squats. Two sets a day, start at 50 build up by one a day.
  • Use up all the courgette and beans in the freezer. Rather than have a aim of ‘clear the freezer’ I’m aiming to use up some stuff that’s been in the freezer too long.
  • Housework routine. More of the same here too
  • Paint the bathroom and the kitchen. Big goal here but it really needs doing
  • Allotment
    • Work on rubbish pile and creating a compost area
    • Order and set up shed

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