Dutch Baby Pancake

Pancake day is almost upon us. I’ve written about the place that it has in my life before and I’m always up for some food based celebration of the beginning of Lent. Generally, I still prefer savoury over sweet pancakes and I still use Delia’s basic recipe and I almost always muck up the first one and that’s what I’ll eat on Tuesday.

One of the joys of cooking though is all the different things that you can do with flour, eggs and milk. There are many kinds of pancakes, and I’ve been thinking about the dutch baby for ages but not getting around to doing anything about it. It looked like something that could go very easily wrong and I wasn’t that interested.  Then, I heard it decribed as a sweet yorkshire pudding, I was sold. Who doesn’t like yorkshire pudding? It is one of God’s finest foodstuffs and I know I can cook them! So it was time to try one.

I used this recipe, but I didn’t measure the butter for the pan. I really loathe the US way of measuring butter, I can mostly get on board with cups, and even though US and UK cups are different sizes, I usually use my UK cups and haven’t had any terrible failures. However, sticks and tablespoons of butter? Weird. Also strange, the way the butter comes in a cardboard box divided into 4 individually wrapped pieces. Here’s a plan, measure ingredients by weight and volume (although then we’d have to account for an American pint being 16 instead of 20 fl oz.)

Anyway, all this to say that I didn’t measure the butter, the recipe stated 3 tablespoons but I’m guessing I added roughly an oz which is about 28g (and I’ve just looked up the conversion and a tablespoon of butter is about 14g so go me for more or less getting it right!) and I added a punnet of blueberries just before I poured the batter in. Although I added some icing sugar to make it look a bit prettier, I thought that it was sweet enough and didn’t add any syrup, although I can see why people would.

I’m so making this again, it’s hands off and simple, I don’t know if it would be better or worse if you made the batter up the night before and kept it in the fridge but I’m pretty sure it would work, if you wanted to keep it really simple and/or can operate machinery before coffee.

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