Friday Links

Happy Friday! At the time of writing this post, the outcome of the two by-elections in Stoke and Copeland are unknown. If Nuttall got in I will mostly spend tonight drinking gin… Here are this week’s links….

Chris Riddell on Trump and Russia.

The return of the MMR charlatan fits with our times. I don’t often find myself agreeing with Nick Cohen at all but when he’s right, he’s right…

Finland is trialling basic, universal income. I was talking to someone about this the other day and the problem is the unknown unknowns, you just have no idea what it’s going to do over the long term to taxes, work and money, you can guess but you don’t know. I guess some people would opt to go part time, giving others the chance to work, some people would chose not to work at all, it would also change whether people thought they could afford to have kids, or work for themselves or maybe on universal income more people would feel able to go into lower paid jobs they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t afford to do. In a generation it would radically alter our view of money, work and society, but we don’t know how.

The supermarket food gamble may be up. This year I’ve eaten more seasonally in part because of all the food that we grew in the summer and in part because of the cost. I’m not immune to the joys of blueberries in February but I can’t afford it. I did notice though, last summer when I was drowning in courgettes that the price didn’t go down, probably to offset the expense of importing them in the winter. Although I’m looking forward to the summer produce when we start growing it but in November, it was a relief to stop eating courgettes. I will be making a better effort this year to extend my growing season and to have winter veg on the plot too but it’s interesting to me that growing food changed how I ate.

The value we place on romantic love can feel tyrannical – especially if you’re a single woman. Preach…

Key-lime pie nightmare. I have one of those, although the other way around, base fine, filling a disaster. So bad was it, that ‘friends’ send me recipes when they came across them to see if this one would work. (one of them on the back of a postcard advertising ‘the young poisoner’s handbook – Jo thinks she’s funny, she is not…)

Butter might be better for you than you think.

Another vile Plantagenet attack on my Glory! I love these

While I’m thinking about twitter, this is a tweet I can 100% get behind.

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