Friday Links

Happy Friday!

My weekly ‘what fresh hell?’ update, starts with the resignation of Michael Flynn, the US president conducting govement business from Mar-a-lago, Paul Nutall has been proved to be a liar (again!) and a coroner found that a woman had died because of a lack of hospital beds (but there isn’t an NHS crisis, it’s all in our heads and if there is, it’s most likely the fault of the junior doctors).

I finalised this on Thursday night and thus missed the joys of the Trump press conference. I have no words….

Mike Flynn might be done – but Trump’s nightmare has just begun

Sex and the bishops. This is actually worth a read, if you have any interest in CofE church issues.

Will Trump’s presidency see the end of the special relationship? Like a lot of things that Churchill made up, I don’t think there ever really was a special relationship. But I think MacMillan was right, we are the Greeks to their Romans….

A future where only the rich can retire. We are getting there…

The Chalet School breakfast rolls. I was always much more interested in Karen’s black cherry jam, but then I’ve read all of the books…

Jenny is in the papers. Last week, someone I work with was raving about a book they’d been given about a woman who ran through her breast cancer. It was Jenny’s book. Even if you don’t run, it’s about doing the things you love to get you through difficult life stuff and Jenny is a great writer!

This answer to how to move forward when everything has gone wrong is long winded but about right. I am very grateful that when I was there, Tina made a point of taking me for a walk every day for a week for a week. So I wasn’t drowning in feeling useless, I was doing something.

No thinking. No reviewing the things I don’t want to do that day. Just put on your clothes, make tea, sit down, write. Every day. Or go outside and walk or run. Every day, first thing, no questions. You decide now what it is you will do, what will help to jump-start your brain and heart and breath, and you commit to it and you do it every goddamn day no matter what, with no thinking or feeling before you begin. You do not lie in bed, trying to locate your will to live. You rise from your bed like a robot and do whatever is required to jump-start your will to live.

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