Allotment Adventures: Woodchip in the snow

The plot has been a bit neglected this year. There isn’t really much to do except wait for it to warm up a bit. We had planned to spend last weekend doing a bit of weeding and maybe putting in the new rhubarb crowns but then we had a cold snap and it kept trying to snow. So we changed plans, the new plan was to go and have a look at the plot on the way to do the shopping.img_5935The plot was looking a bit sorry for itself. However, the rhubarb and broad beans were coming up and the onions and garlic and chard were doing all right. img_5945img_5946So we walked to the main gate and saw a huge pile of woodchip. I knew that the woodchip had been delivered on Wednesday but that stuff never stays around long, so I didn’t think that it would still be there on Saturday but the dark nights and cold weather had put people off and there it was. I borrowed a wheelbarrow from the community plot and Ma filled up the buckets.

An hour and half (and much grumpiness from Ma) later, we’d re-upped all the woodchip on the paths and it looked much better, you could see where the beds were for a start!img_5938I other news the seedlings have started to emerge. This is the cavolo neroAnd the sweet peasimg_5931It’s all very exciting, I’m so pleased with everything we’ve done so far but really want the weather to improve so we can get going with some actual work on the plot!

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