February Photos – Part One

Last month I did two posts with the photos that I’d taken and I found that it encouraged me to take more photos. So I’m going to do it again this month!

Tree. 28 JanuaryMorning. 30 JanuarySeeds. 30 January. More of the seed order for the allotmentGrey. 3 February. The morning photo of my street as I leave for workMarmalade. 4 February. Second batchCinnamon Rolls. 5 February. These were brilliant and easy.Making pots from toilet rolls. 5 February.Seed starting. 5 February. Leeks, kale, basil and sweet peas and a re-arranged living roomMorning sky. 8 February. It is getting lighter in the morning even though it doesn’t feel like it.Nevertheless, she persisted. 8 Wednesday. I try to have a quote or motto on the board each week. This was apt for the week I was having and to remind me that I need to persist.Wine and Chocolate. 9 February. Still the best combination after a hard meeting/day/weekWorking from home. 10 February. I usually sit with my back to the cooker but when I work from home, I swap sides. Something to do with getting me out of home mode and into work mode, even when I’m wearing pj’s!Sweet pea. 10 February. My seeds are beginning to sprout.Friday Night Pizza. 10 February. If you can, you should!Allotment in need of TLC. 11 February. You can’t see the snow in this picture but it was snowing.Rhubarb. 11 February. I didn’t mulch it so it’s a bit behind others but it’s coming up.Plot post woodchip. 11 February. Much tidier and it’s easier to see the beds.Broadbean. 11 February. The broadbeans went in in October and have been over wintering without cover, so hopefully, they’ll survive the current cold snap.Sunday Lunch. 12 February. With 2 of my favourite people, Ma and Sarah!

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