Allotment Adventures: The Mud and Rain

It rained more or less continuously on Saturday, it wasn’t really heavy rain just drizzle. The raised beds arrived on Friday and on Saturday morning, Ma and I walked them round. We had high hopes for the work we were going to do on Saturday and after we delivered the beds we walked to Wilko so we could buy some screws and nails that I needed to sort out the sides of the brassica bed.

We also bought a set of drawers for the shed to help us with keeping the shed in order. Ma was going to do that and I set off to dig up the gooseberry bush at the bottom of the plot. I ended up needing help but ultimately we prevailed.Then in the rain, we put the raised beds together, which was just as much fun as you’d imagine. When somebody tells you about the joy of growing your own food, remember that 95% of the work you’ll do will be digging or building. I’m getting to the time when I’ll be properly no dig but in the meantime a lot of of what I do on the plot seems to involve a hammer!However, they are done and covered and awaiting compost. That done we sorted out the shed and I picked up pots and seed trays for the seed sowing that’s coming soon! We didn’t get to the other bed, or the raspberries because we were wet and cold and muddy.

Even though we didn’t get everything we wanted to do, done, we did pretty well in the conditions. This weekend last year we re-upped the woodchip in the snow, so this is clearly the time of year, we grind it out. The plot looks grim right now but soon it’ll be green and abundant.Next week we have hired a car, so a trip to the dump and buying all the compost are on the agenda. I also really want to get the sides of the kale bed sorted and make my little round flower sections on the top. Also on the list, the raspberries and clearing that space out. This is the time of year before it gets really busy, March, April and May are going to be about sowing and planting out and trying to keep up, so it’ll be good to have more of this list crossed off before then…

  • plant the rhubarb crown
  • order new raised beds
  • build new raised beds
  • dig up the gooseberry bush at the end of the plot
  • sort out the sides of the current brassica bed
  • clear that bed of broccoli and kale
  • create sections at top and sides of allotment for flowers
  • fill the new raised beds with compost and top up the others
  • trip to the dump
  • dig up raspberries
  • sort out the raspberry frames
  • fix shed roof
  • paint the shed
  • cut the grass at the edges of the path
  • prep the buckets and boxes for carrots, radishes and mint
  • put up and secure the cloche
  • bonfire
  • sort out sowing supplies and start sowing leeks etc

Oh and I have to tell you about the blueberries. I really want blueberry bushes, really want them but given all the other things that we want/need, I just put it on the back burner, but Grow Your Own’s offer in this month’s magazine was 2 blueberry bushes for the P&P of £5.65. After some consultation with Ma, I bought them and I’m waiting for them to arrive. They will be little and we’ll plant them up in buckets, and at some point in the next couple of years, I’ll get to pick blueberries that I grew. My soft fruit empire continues….

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3 Responses to Allotment Adventures: The Mud and Rain

  1. Sharon says:

    Well done for plotting last Saturday. I was at the allotment, but helping with rugby car parking.

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