Friday Links

Happy Friday. In this week’s ‘what fresh hell’ – American school children are now safe from bears, if not from Betsy DeVos, Melissa McCartney is better at being Sean Spicer than Sean Spicer and Trump still hasn’t read the US Constitution…

Here are this week’s links….

Giles Fraser on child abuse in the Church of England and on the abuse he suffered.

What to expect under fat, ginger tyranny.

I never cared much about politics. Then Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to his Cabinet. Well this is encouraging, although as always my mind boggles that people don’t vote when they should. The only time I could have voted but didn’t was the referendum about whether London should have a mayor, it was in 1998 I’m still ashamed about it.

Steve Bell on Theresa May and the Brexit vote. Pretty much, this is typical May, she’s making it someone elses fault..

John Bercow is right – if the special relationship means anything.

McConnell silences Warren in Senate. So it’s ok to be racist but not call a racist, a racist. And someone needs to think hard about this, a bunch of men, shutting down a woman reading out a black

Bumblebees are dying out because they are too fat. This is interesting, I knew that bees were important but I’d never thought about the commerce in bees…

Canadian shames teenage troll. What’s really interesting to me, is the reaction of the teenagers father when confronted with his son’s behaviour.

Initially the boy’s father apologised, but later claimed his son had not been involved, she said. He then told her that she should be ashamed for targeting his son before suggesting that she keep her Instagram posts private to avoid abuse

So rather than be horrified and ashamed that his kid had done this, he decided it was her fault. Why might this kid might have thought that his behaviour was ok? How is it that even though his father knew, he didn’t realise that he’d done something wrong until the school was involved?

How Britain fell out of love with pasta sauce.

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