When its good not to do something

Last week was a rough week. Work was busy, I was trying not to have a migraine, which tends to mean that I’m tired and headachey because everything is off kilter. I was in week three of a cold, which means more coughing that usual, a bit of a sore chest and some sinus issues. I spent a lot of the week playing the ‘sinus pain or start of migraine’ game. Which was epic fun.

Also not a lot of fun, February. Still winter, not spring..img_5887The weekend was unexpectedly full. I was out at a birthday party on Friday, out for dinner on Saturday night and booked for the cinema on Sunday afternoon. Which is a lot of people, if you’re me. Something had to give. For me that was Saturday morning volunteering at the allotments. I wanted to go but I also knew that I couldn’t do that and be ok come Sunday night. As it goes, I’m writing this at 7pm on Sunday and then going to bed because my head hurts and I’m tired.img_5837I’m sad that I missed the volunteer day but I needed some alone time. People are draining. There in a misconception that I’m an extrovert because I really like people. While some introverts are anxious in social situations, I’m not but I find other people exhausting.  So sometimes the right thing to do is not to do something…

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2 Responses to When its good not to do something

  1. plot34 says:

    Yay, another introvert:) My theory is introverts are naturally drawn to blogging as a way to manage interactions. My day job (voluntarily chosen and developed) involves a lot of presenting and facilitating; some evenings, I take myself off into another room to re-charge. Hope your head is feeling less blocked and achy.

    • nicdempsey says:

      I hadn’t thought of it like that but it’s a good theory! I read about a conference of austistic people where the badges that attendees wore let you know the level of interaction they were able to cope with and I wish that I could do that at work! My job has variable interaction depending on the day and on those days, I wonder how I ever lived with other people!

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