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Happy Friday! Every week, I think that the political stories will get better and every week they’re worse. Is this how my grandparents and great-grandparents felt in the 1930’s?   Maybe. We are living interesting times and the protests over last weekend in the US make me think that maybe all is not lost!

As usual, I’ll start with the stuff ‘what fresh hell are our leaders inflicting upon us’ links and move down. It’s worth noting that because things are moving so fast by the time Friday comes around they may all be out of date but I’m putting them in the order I read them.

Why does Trump lie. It’s an interesting theory but is Trump actually that machiavellian?

A lie by any other name.

Thanks to Donald Trump, a 12-Year-Old Girl With American Parents Is Stuck in Djibouti. There are 100’s of awful stories just like this.

The refugee vetting process already sounds pretty extreme to me.

Trump fires Sally Yates. This is not good and the language used ‘betrayed’, in this new world, if you don’t support Trump, you’re not a patriot.

This is interesting. Especially the bit about Trump doing things during Sabbath when Kushner can’t moderate. Can Jared and Ivanka outrun Donald Trump’s scandals.

Blunder Down Under. Australia is pretty hard to piss off and have a better claim to a special relationship than we do – they sent troops to Vietnam. Trump may have done it.

Progressive Cities vs. Rural States. This explains a lot of the issues in US politics right now. It’s interesting how you can see something similiar with London and the rest of England

Take care of your elderly parents, says Tory minister. Should we get to the stage where my mother needs care, I will absolutely give her that care, as she gave it to my Grandad. The problem is for people like me who don’t have children. If the care of the elderly is going to done by their children who is going to look after people without children? We are really going back to Victorian times.

Is this how the Conservatives dump their grannies? I’m not the only one wondering about it either.

Senate Democrats seem to be playing games. Turnabout is fair play.

Neil Gorsuch is not a villian. But he’s not Merrick Garland either.

On pitying Melania Trump. I don’t. Believe people when they tell you who they are. Melania Trump has told us that she’s happy to be married to Donald Trump and she’s been supportive of him. That’s it.

How to solve the housing crisis.

How privilege works

65 proposals, jilted a man 3 times at the altar and my favourite quote of all time “went through lovers like General Sherman blazing a path to the sea,” but never married. Mary Landon Baker was quite a woman.

I trained myself to be less busy.

The politics of giving gifts to six year olds. or people aren’t gracious receivers anymore.


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