January 2017 Goals

January is a month to be endured, the aim is survival but on the off chance that January will set the tone for the rest of the year. Not much happens in January, but Ben and Laura are moving and I want to be around to help them if they need it. I generally want to focus on making some gentle changes that will help me survive the month and prepare me for the spring. It’s also a time to re-set my good habits that I’ve slipped with over December and the Christmas break.img_5725

  • Use Bright Light Therapy Headset every day. I was given a bright light headset for Christmas. I’ve started to use it first thing in the morning. When the alarm goes off, I put this on for the prescribed 12 minutes and then I get up. This is something I want to do every morning to see if it has an impact.
  • Get out of the house by 7:30am on workdays. I get to work by 9am every morning, but the day goes better if I get into work earlier and have some time before people come in and start asking me for things. So I’m committing to getting out of the house in time for the 7:56 train in the morning, which will get me in the office by 8:30 at the absolute latest.
  • 10pm lights out on schoolnights. This really goes with the ‘get out of the house’ goal. Christmas holidays really mucked up my sleep patterns so I need to reset them. I need to sleep train myself again. This also means no screens after 9pm and making sure that ‘bedtime’ starts before 10pm, so I’m already in bed at 10pm.
  • Daytime walk in the park. I want to start walking more again. I really enjoyed it in 2015 and it sort of fell by the wayside in 2016 as I didn’t feel that my foot was up to it. So this month, I’m going to commit to a lunch time walk (providing it’s not raining!). 30 minutes in Regents Park, which is just next door to the office and kills three birds with one stone; I get a walk, I get outside in the daylight, and I get out of the office.
  • Drink two litres of water every day. I’m pretty good at this usually but I didn’t drink enough water over Christmas, so I just need to get back into the habit.
  • Yoga. I need to make time for this more consistently. When I do, I feel better, but I tend to let it slide. So I’m going to commit to 4 times a week and see how it goes. I signed up for this so that should help.img_5597

These are the focus for the month, there are other things I want to do but I think that these six things will help me set the tone and the other stuff will happen more naturally. Those things include taking care of myself (cleaning my face properly every night, moisturing, cutting back from December’s alcohol and bad food fest), taking care of the house (hoovering, getting housework routines re-stablished), blogging (here and on the EDAS website), the allotment (more weeding, planning for next year, thinking about how I’m going to start seeds etc!)img_5716

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