Friday Links

Happy Friday!  The first week back to normal after Christmas is often full of resolutions and confusions. Hopefully, you all transitioned seemlessly back to real life. I more or less did aside from a doozy of a migraine yesterday. However, it’s Friday and life is back to normal so here are some links…

Underwhelming NYE photos. These are fab and I give you mine!img_5720

Ma rang me to tell me about this. A letter to all of the permissive parents. She thinks it could have been me. I think the author of said letter is far nicer to those parents than I would be!

Christmas isn’t over yet! Exactly, I think that New Year should really be in March or April, when it feels like a new year, it seems wrong to have it in the middle of Christmas.

We dedicated a year to self help and this is what it taught us. I found this hilarious…

I loved the response to this. Ask Polly. I’m pretending I’m happy single but I’m not. I would have used less words, more of the ‘get over yourself’ variety’ but it’s good advice. Make your life. I’m a firm believer in ‘if you build it they will come and if they don’t, it’ll still be amazing and yours’ school of living…

We’ve all been playing UNO wrong. We haven’t because Ma read the rules to stop Ben, Lu and Oli’s shameless cheating, but it’s easier to play the way everyone else does!

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