Food and Budget Update: 05/11 to 11/11/2016

Despite the higher budget spend, it didn’t feel like I did a good job this week. I think that’s because I’m in that migrainy phase of the month so I’m tired and food is an effort. I started the food week off strong and then sort of forgot to eat well. Of course my version of well is subjective but here’s the breakdown.


All done at Lidl and it was at the extreme edge of my budget £14.74


I wasn’t home on Saturday, as I was staying with Christelle as she waited for new of Mike, there was a burger, a milkshake, a walk around the V&A and some waiting at the hospital. Later there was some wine with bread and cheese.

I was home on Sunday, Ma came over and we had lunch/dinner of sausage pasta and garlic bread.Monday morning, I caved and had a ham and cheese croissant from EAT.Lunch was hummus and vegetablesI didn’t get around to dinner because I was at the hospital seeing Ryan, and although I ate a triangle of Toblerone, that doesn’t count!

Tuesday morning breakfast was an egg roll and carrotsimg_5354Lunch was salad and falefelimg_5351I was out in the evening, so dinner was half a bottle of wine before the film and some pick and mix during.

Wednesday breakfast was an egg roll, lunch was a baked potato and chilli because it was time for comfort. Wednesday night was sausages, dahl and flatbread.

I spent Thursday in a 5 hour meeting. I ate some pastries for breakfast, lunch was provided and I came home drained, so dinner was the easy option of hummus, vegetables and flatbread.Friday breakfast was crumpets, lunch didn’t happen, dinner was also pretty low key, chilli, flatbread, cut up vegetables…


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