Life Happened: A Bad Week

It’s been a busy week. Work was busy but it was a standard sort of busy. On Monday night when I spent a couple of hours at the hospital with Ryan. Who was not a happy or well bunny…On Tuesday night, Ma and I went to the cinema (Dr Strange). Then Wednesday happened and gloom descended. I heard Trump’s acceptance speech before I went to work and the heavens reflected my mood. It was drear and wet I worked from home on Friday and had a migraine Friday night, it was a couple of hours and I was ok on Saturday but it wasn’t fun.

On Saturday it was also raining, a bad day to have a haircut but it was good to see Jane and finally have tidy-ish hair (damp weather sends it wild – if would have been fine if not for the rain.We also went to the Pathways consultation about the new plans for building on the allotment site. I have lots to say but will maybe save that for another, more calm time.

On Sunday, my mood (and my hangover – Mother leading me astray!) was much improved by a couple of hours of hard labour on the plot. We have three of our five raised beds up and there was some tidying of the tool box to sort out as well. The onions and garlic are coming along nicely but we need to get a move on with the broad beans! Next week… I also achieved laundry nirvana….empty laundry basket. Right now the little things are the things that are going to get me through!

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