Friday Links

I would like this week’s links to be happy and upbeat, but I’m beyond that now because America has fucked it up big time and this is no time for being smug because have you seen the mess the UK is in?

This is the rise of authoritarianism. This is what we choose to be. I’m despairing at the world.

So links are short because I ran out of enthusiam for everything sometime around Wednesday morning…

The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We all have plenty to fear

White won. I also heard Trump’s win described as a ‘whitelash’ and God knows we’ve got our own problems here but I fear for minorities in the US now.

Nick Harkaway on Brexit and democracry in light of last week’s High Court judgement. I have lots to say about this but currently I just can’t articulate it well but my tweet last week pretty much sums up where I am.

The High Court judgement was not that Brexit could not happen but that the govt doesn’t have the power to trigger Article 50 without a vote in Parliament. The High Court was actually upholding democracy. Parlimentary sovereignty is the basis of our system of government.

You can make the argument that Parliament represents a narrow interest group and not the people, especially in the case of Brexit, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you. Parliment has approved a lot of things that I don’t agree with (war in Iraq, cuts on benefits, renewing Trident just as a start). However, Parliament’s major role in our constitution is to scrutinise and approve the work of the Govt, there was a civil war to establish this.

Our constitutional framework (such as it is) is clear about this point and an independent judiciary and separation of powers is key to this. However, because of that pesky unwritten constitution, all of this depends on the everyone involved understanding how the system works and more importantly, why it should work like that. To threaten and attack the judiciary because you don’t like the judgements they make is the beginning of tyranny and dictatorship. This is how it starts people. With a public that is uneducated about our system of govt and our history and a press that wants to rip up the laws that protect that system and by extension our civil rights. Yes, I’m aware how overwrought and mad that sounds but I’m frankly shocked and horrified that this is happening in Britain in 2016 and they’re getting away with it because people are so uneducated about the law and governance of the country they live in.

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