Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a more eventful week, than I planned!

Me elsewhere, I’ve finally started posting on the Ealing Dean Allotment Society website. Meet the Plotholders, Volunteer Days

Women having abortions are sure about their decision. Yep.

The path to home ownership should not be inheritance.  What I have been saying for ages..

Last week, there was a bit of panic at the news that a gorilla had escaped from London Zoo. The truth of what happened is typically British. This is my favourite part of the whole thing

…while Kumbuka briefly explored the zookeeper area next door to his den, where he opened and drank five litres of undiluted blackcurrant squash.

The mystery of Chuck Tingle.

I think they’re going to agree the expansion of Heathrow and it’s wrong. Ok yes, I do have skin in the game, I’m ‘local’ to the airport and it sucks when the planes come overhead, to say nothing of the traffic pollution. But it’s not just that, why are we still planning only for the South East of England. There are (for the moment) three other countries in the Union and a whole heap of England that is just being ignored. Infrastructure development should start there. Start HS2 in the North to link those cities together, airport expansion in the middle of the country benefits most of it, so maybe Birmingham should have a bigger airport. Politicians need to think of the entire country not just London. I love my city but the country is unbalanced.

I can’t ignore the US elections so I’m putting it all here:

America’s new silent majority.

The danger that Trump is stirring up by crying ‘rigged’ I remember back in 2010 when there was no clear result as to who the government was and the negotiations between the various parties and while I was unhappy with the government we got, I was also grateful that there would be a peaceful transfer of power. I was especially grateful later in the year when it kicked off in Cote d’Ivoire after it’s general elections that November. So, either way, I’m worried about the result of the US presidential election because Trump is a man with no true appreciation of his country or its laws or the ideals, that while not always lived up to, were vital to its founding.

Speaking of which. Federal Judge Excoriates Florida’s “Obscene” “Undeclared War” on Voting Rights

I posted those earlier in the week and then on Wednesday night at the debate it got worse.

This recap is all tongue in cheek but is also seriously scary because Trump doesn’t care about anything other than himself.

It is worth remembering that Hitler was elected and Trump doesn’t care or understand the US Constitution, how the law and politics work or what kind of violence and chaos he provokes. He’s a man-child with more ego than brains.



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