Food and Budget Update: 01/10 to 07/10/2016

A week of two halves. I started the week without much enthusiasm for cooking or food, I ate because I had to and I was more concerned with sleep than eating. I made chilli and a good portion of that is in the freezer for future weeks and there wasn’t much coming off the allotment so I really do need to get back to planning more strictly.

SHOPPINGimg_5026Lidl, Tesco and Sainsburys the total spend was £14.15.


As discussed last week, I didn’t have good start to this food week because I wasn’t well, I did manage to shop and I’d decided to make chilli.  The only real changes I make to this are to change the beans, I use chickpea and black beans and there’s some differences caused by transatlantic shopping differences. I didn’t manage photos of anything I ate on the weekend at all. But it was mostly toast and chilli.

On Monday, I didn’t eat much at all. (I know!) I made a wrap with vegetables and chilli for lunch and rhubarb compote and yoghurt for breakfast. I came home on Monday night had another wrap this time with cucumber and carrot cut up on the side and was in bed by 8pm.

Tuesday was a little better. Same breakfast, lunch and dinner

Because I worked from home on Wednesday, I could be a little more creative. I had a plum crisp and yoghurt for breakfast and a beetroot, quinoa and goats cheese salad for lunch. Roasted vegetables for dinner.img_5047

Thursday breakfast and lunch was also plum crisp and yoghurt for breakfast and beetroot, quinoa and goats cheese salad. For dinner I made a mustard sauce for pasta and stirred through Tuesday’s leftover roasted veg.img_5048

Friday breakfast was plum crisp and yoghurt and I was out for lunch. Pizza for dinner.img_5050


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