Life Happened: Into October

I went from a busy weekend to a busy week. For most people, or even my 20-something self, this wasn’t a busy week but migraine fortnight was upon me and it seemed like there was a lot to do. I was also still coughing, which is both tiring and annoying,

So on Tuesday night, I went to my first ever Neighbourhood Watch meeting. This is what having an allotment has done for me! I went because none of the Allotment Committee could go and talk about the planned development or last Sunday’s meeting and because I live on the road, I got asked to go instead. I hadn’t realised the issues that residents at the top of the road suffer from (the end I live at is much more peaceful) and it was nice to put names to the faces of people I see on the street, I have been living in the road for 7 years now!IMG_3726

On Wednesday, I was back at the doctors, it feels like I live there sometimes, to talk migraines and coughing! I have new migraine drugs and an appointment with the nurse to talk about asthma the week after next. It seems that my family’s chest issues have caught up with me which became really obvious over the weekend.

On Thursday, I did actual entertaining and Tom came to dinner. It was good to see him.

Because I knew I was heading into a busy weekend, I took a half day off and noodled about on the allotment, I got the tank full of nasty water emptied and moved and did some weeding. Ma weeded the top end, the battle against weeds is neverending!img_4972I was due for the volunteer morning at the allotment on Saturday morning and then dinner at Christelle and Mike’s. However, on Friday night I could not stop coughing. For about 5 hours. It was horrible and pretty much torpedoed the weekend, I spent all of Saturday feeling that someone was standing on my chest and decided that a quiet weekend was in order. It was the sensible thing but I don’t feel much better and I didn’t see anyone this weekend! I have a week to get through and hopefully, my appointment with the nurse will give me some answers and a possible solution because this is really not fun and I don’t like it.

Fortunately, it’s a quiet week until the weekend, because Ma and I are having the boys on Saturday and as young Joe is walking now I have a feeling that we’ll be busy!

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