Life Happened: Time with the boys

So the news this week was that work was tricky because I’m still wheezing and coughing. The coughing is the worst because once it starts it’s hard to stop, twice this week, I’ve coughed so much I’ve thrown up. It’s not great, I spend a lot of time trying to sleep because sleeping sitting up, harder than you think.

I worked from home on Wednesday, waiting for the plumber to come look at the boiler. He thinks it’s time for a new one and I need to talk to the landlord about that!

That was pretty much Monday to Friday, a normal week with lots of coughing.img_5044Ma and I spent Saturday in Watford. Ben and Lu went to a wedding and we had the boys. Who are lovely in their different ways. Oli is quick and clever and a tiny bit mad! We made bread and watched the football and made paper aeroplanes.img_5060Joe is walking now and he talks a bit! He says ‘hiya’ (when he sees you or is playing peekaboo) and ttttt (ta) when he wants you to give him something. He’s also picked up his brother’s trick of looking at you and saying ‘num num num’ when you have food he’d like to taste!img_5051I even got some love from the cat after the boys were in bed! Which is a first!img_5064I got home on Sunday and just noodled about.

Now it’s time for another week!


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