Friday Links

Happy Friday! You may have noticed that I dropped the ball last week and there was no Friday links (well a couple of people did!) so some of these links are a bit old…but here they are….

‘Pay to stay’ is Robin Hood in reverse for working class families. The problem is that market rent is too damn high and private renting is insecure because of the changes made to tenancy law in the ’80’s. Instead of dealing with that, the Tories are shifting the blame onto council and social housing tenants.

How to do your make up on the Tube. First, let’s laugh at the whole idea of getting a seat on the Tube in the rush hour (it’s like the magic unicorn of commuting in London). Second, let’s not do this because it’s disgusting. Why would you do this? Have you ever blown your nose after being on the tube, it’s black because the underground is a hot, sweaty place full of people and their germs and why would you rub that in your face? Come on people, we are not animals. In a civilized world, we either get up earlier and put on make up before we leave the house or wait and do it in the office toilets after the journey.

How Hilary Clinton can get that presidential look. Hilarious

Bizarre ant colony in Poland. Fascinating.

The Keith Vaz scandal seems to have fallen out of the new and been overtaken by events but this is still worth reading as a guide on whether to declare an interest.

Prince Buster died last week. This is sad news…

More Robin Lustig, this time on grammar schools.

Does every moment in a mother’s life have to be inspiring? Erm no, but no-one’s life is like that. Also there seem to be two competing cults of parenting, ‘parenting is hard’ and ‘parenting is the most magical, important thing you will ever do with your life’. So on the one hand we are telling children that they are magic and special and on the other we are telling them that they are difficult and sap everything from us. The truth is both. Having kids can be hard work, it can also be magical. As someone who isn’t a parent I don’t quite know how to react, because the narrative for non-parents is worse, I’m selfish, I’ll never understand love or sacrifice or anything important. It all worries me.

Xkcd on Global warming. It’s real, it’s happening.

How women in the White House made sure they were heard. Yes, it’s good strategy but I can be sad that women still have to do this.

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