Life Happened: September Heatwave

For some reason known only to the climate, it got very warm in the south-east last week. Warm weather never lasts long in England but three days in a row of 31C weather is unusual and in London during a commute, painful.

So it was hot, I was getting over the remains of a cold and the office air conditioning was still broken, it was freezing. I was taking clothes into work to put on in the office and we had heaters running when it was 31C outside. Madness.

I was also grumpy. What’s new? I hear you ask. I know, grumpy and tired is my default setting but I was grumpy for legitimate reasons.

  1. The heat.
  2. The commute.
  3. Weird dreams on Wednesday night about my dad. In my dream he was trying to get me to agree to let some random person, that he met in the pub, live in my flat. I haven’t lived with my father for roughly 23 years and he’s been dead for 15, so it was odd. I don’t often dream about Noel, well not since the one just after he died when apparently I was burying him next to the budgie in the yard of my childhood home and he, like the budgie, was wrapped in a j-cloth. (Look I can’t help it, I don’t dream these things on purpose!). Anyway it was unsettling.
  4. The idiot on train on Thursday morning, who wanted to talk to me about what I was reading. No, I didn’t make eye contact with him or do anything that indicated I wanted to talk to anyone and I wasn’t on fire or anything that someone needed to draw to my attention. I had earphones in and I was reading, it was rush hour. People should know better than to communicate with me in those circumstances, especially when I am listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.
  5. The return of the wake up light. I finally had to give in and start using it againimg_4947
  6. Friday’s rain. The hot weather broke and there was rain. Epic rain with thunder and lightning during the rush hour. It was exactly as joyous as you would expect.img_4951

The week was redeemed by two days on the allotment.  And hearing about Oli’s first proper football match I’m still under slept and this week is going to be busy, the only way out is through….


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