Food and Budget Update: 03/09 to 09/09/2016

Food last week was patchy, I think I ate pretty well but I also didn’t eat much at the beginning of the week because I was sick and therefore not interested in food (a sign of how bad I felt!). We had so many courgettes and most of them were large because I didn’t go to the allotment much last week. So operation use up all the produce was in force. I’ve pickled, grated and frozen lots as well as made soup and courgette caviar (which is a handy thing something between a paste and a sauce that tastes good and will add veggie goodness to stuff in the winter. It also uses 2 kilos of courgettes so it’s victory all round as far as I’m concerned!


Last weekend, I wasn’t home and this shop was done in the Sainsburys local on Sunday evening. It came to £6.14. Later in the week, I also bought some parmesan, pasta, and lemons which came to £5.40 (£2.20 of that was lemons for honey and lemon!). So a total of £11.54.The allotment provided lots of produce, we were courgettes a go-go again!


For the weekend I was in Watford and not pictured but eaten were pesto pasta and garlic bread on Saturday night and bacon sandwiches on Sunday. I didn’t eat on Sunday night.

On Monday, I had yoghurt for breakfast and honey and lemon and that and some cough sweets was pretty much all I had until Tuesday night when I had pasta and tomato sauce. I had made the tomato sauce on Sunday night from my own tomatoes!On Wednesday I managed to get it together and have yoghurt and peaches for breakfast and rice and a vegetable sauce for lunch. For dinner, I had the rest of the rice mixture with roasted cherry tomatoes (yep the ones I’d grown!). I’m also eating raw tomatoes with salt and finding them the most delicious thing, which is the strangest thing for me.On Thursday, I had salad and courgette tots for tea. It is lovely to be eating food that you’ve grown yourself!Friday was courgette pizza because there were so many.



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