Changing up the cleaning routine

Today was supposed to be all about gin and tonic cake but because of a migraine on Tuesday and a pretty busy week, it didn’t happen. So this is about cleaning and routine and how the allotment is taking over everything. I’ll post about cake on World Gin Day (Saturday) instead!

A month and a bit into the allotment adventure, I’m finding that I am completely out of my basic house care routine. I can’t just blame the allotment, although I’m finding that allotments, like babies and pets change everything about how you organise you life! May was a very busy month and so was last weekend and I’ve noticed (thank you fitbit) that when I’m active has flipped on it’s head, my 10,000 to 15,000 step weekdays with less walking at the weekend are a thing of the past. In May, I typically got 7,000 to 9,000 steps Monday to Friday and then massively increased the steps on the weekend. Last week, I walked 97,090 steps, with the busiest day being on Saturday.  img_4352

I’ve been busy every weekend and as that’s the time I usually use for resetting the flat and pottering around, the state of the flat, the laundry and my mental health during the week has taken a hit. Up until now, I have loaded most of the heavy lifting of housework to the weekend. During the week, I clean and sweep the kitchen, make my bed, wipe down the shower after I’ve used it and put things away, I’m not an animal! However, most of the work, laundry, cleaning, shopping, food prep and ironing (if I can’t persuade Ma to do it!) gets done over the weekend. Over the course of the weekend, that takes about a day of my time and that’s not viable if I’m going to hang onto the allotment.  I want the allotment, I’m really happy to have the outdoor space and I really believe that it’ll be good for me mentally and physically, I just need to work out the kinks and settle into a different routine, sooner, rather than later. Summer is coming (yes for most countries it’s already here but I live in England and it all got off to a slow start) and there will be watering, weeding and, with any luck, picking to do. And all that in addition to getting the bits that are only growing weeds, ready to grow plants.img_4315 So now is the time to re-work the housework part of my life to accommodate the allotment part of my life and my need to sit down and read stuff and see my friends.

Which means I’m going to have to start doing more housework during the week. I’m not going to lie, I’m not at all looking forward to it, I like my relatively easy weeknights. Currently,  I come home and cook dinner. Then I wash up and wipe down the kitchen. Then my time is my own, the only other chores I do in the week are attending to rubbish and recycling on Monday nights, and a load of laundry on Thursday.We live in the modern age and I don’t have to spend 6 to 8 hours a day on the flat, as recommended by Kay Smallshaw in How To Run Your Home Without Help (which is a peach of a book for telling you about what was expected of you in 1949 and for having you on your knees thanking God for modern appliances like hoovers and washing machines and fridges!), however, for my life to work, I need to assign an additional 30 minutes to an hour from Monday to Thursday on housework because sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get on with it. I need my living space to be mostly clean and tidy and this is what has to be done to achieve that!

At the moment, I think the breakdown will look something like this.

Monday – Kitchen

Tuesday – Living Room

Wednesday – General tasks (ironing, sewing, hoovering etc)

Thursday – Bathroom

Friday, I’m having off and I’ll devote an hour of time to the bedroom over the weekend and do shopping and food prep then too.

When I was a child, I honestly thought that being a grown up meant that I’d be able to stay up all night reading and eating ice cream! As a grown up, I realise it’s about doing stuff you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it, in order to have the things in your life you do want. Being a grown is sometimes not fun!



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4 Responses to Changing up the cleaning routine

  1. Totally understand you pain – I have been juggling work, housework and allotment for 3 years now! Housework definitely got put on the back burner and i started praying for rainy weekends so that I could get the housework done as rain is the only acceptable excuse not to go to the allotment! I finally gave in and have hired a cleaner to do my cleaning (and some ironing) for me! She starts tomorrow – I am so excited!

    • nicdempsey says:

      How lovely! I’d be excited too! I’m not sure that I wouldn’t be cleaning up for the cleaner! I really just need someone to come in a hoover and mop the floors, I loathe all forms of floor cleaning!

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