Plum Gin

The year before last I spent some time infusing gin and brandy with fruit. My favourite two were plum gin and damson gin. So on the lead up to World Gin Day (Saturday) and in honour of my newly acquired plum tree! I thought it would be a good time to revisit the recipe for the plum gin.

I used a litre of gin to a kilo of victoria plums and 200g of sugar, and I left it to do it’s thing for 3 months. Then strained it off into another bottle and left it for a month. It was very good.DSCF4777Maybe this year I will get some plums off the tree on the allotment (Joe who used to tend the plot says it’s unlikely as people take plums off it as they walk by!) but even if I don’t, I intend to make this gin again this year. My only change this year will be to use a different gin. I used Bombay Gin for this and it’s has an ABV of 37.5%, I would strongly recommend using a gin with an ABV no lower than 40%, which I did with the damson gin and that worked well.20141102-164402-60242264.jpg

Beefeater and Tanqueray both often come up on offer and are good gins. Supermarket own brand gins are often bottled at 37.5% but Waitrose’s Premium London Dry Gin comes in one litre bottles for £21 and although I haven’t tried it myself, many of my gin drinking friends really rate it. I’m a big fan of Sainsbury’s Blackfriars Gin which comes in at 43% ABV and often goes on offer.

If you can get damsons (one day the allotment will have a damson tree) then do the same thing for a richer, darker gin than the plum gin. However both are good and worth making. When you’ve made the gin you can use the plums or damsons in a crumble or make jam with them! I think a small bottle of gin and pot of gin flavoured plum jam would be a welcome present!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou can also make cocktails with the gin. I refer you to the Huzzah!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






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