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Happy Friday!  It is an even more happy Friday for me because I’m not at work. This is my last day of planned leave until August so I’m going to make the most of it by having my haircut, doing chores and seeing friends so I can be on the allotment without guilt for the rest of the weekend!

Here are this week’s links…

How my job talking women out of having abortions made me pro-choice.

Because some women regret abortion, that doesn’t mean all women should have the choice taken from them.

Even though the vast majority of women who have abortions won’t regret them, there will always be some women who wish they didn’t end a pregnancy – that’s just the reality. But it’s better to regret a decision than never having the option to make it in the first place.

Regret is tricky. If I knew at 21, that I would be childless at 42, I would probably not had an abortion. At the time, I made the best choice I could with the information I had. Would I have wanted to be tied for the rest of my life to the person I got pregnant with. No, no and hell no. So overall, I don’t regret it. If we’d known Stef was going to die young, we’d have been more serious, earlier but then no Luc and Helene. We all do (or don’t) make decisions that with hindsight we’d change. Being an adult means that we own our choices not that we take those same choices away from others.

Addiction in Utah. The strongest prescribed painkillers I’ve ever taken have been co-codamol, which have codeine in it and are mild opiates. I took them for my foot, I don’t take them for migraines because after a discussion with my doctor, I decided that I’d rather not, the migraines are too frequent. Same with the sleeping pills, temazepam is great when I’m short on sleep and at the end of my tether but they are a short term extreme measure and I use them like that. We need to know what we can get from painkillers before they are prescribed. My view is that painkillers aren’t about giving us no pain, pain is good, it’s our bodies pointing out that something is wrong. This is why I didn’t use all of my painkillers after my foot surgery, I wasn’t expecting to have no pain at all in my foot, I used painkillers when the pain was unmanageable. Everyone’s has a different pain threshold but doctors do need to be upfront about this when prescribing or not painkillers. Pills and the doctors that prescribe them are aids to help you manage pain and health. You need to have a conversation with your doctor about what’s going on and they need to properly explain risks and consequences. I think that its a conversation we all need to be having about our role in our healthcare.

Obama shouldn’t apologise for Hiroshima, he should learn it’s lessons. I have a really British gut reaction to the calls for an apology for the bombing of Hiroshima and Dresden. Which is basically, no. I believe that the bombing were horrific and wrong but I also understand the context. At the time, the Japanese were refusing to surrender and killing Japanese civilians probably didn’t seem like that much of a issue in light of what the Japanese had done to civilians in China, Burma and elsewhere. Again it’s not right but it is an understandable human impulse. If an apology for Hiroshima would prompt the Japanese to examine their role in WWII and look at their war crimes, fair enough but I don’t think it would. What we should do is commit to not having, making or using nuclear weapons, that would be learning…

Landlords need to pass a fit and proper person test. This.

Poland is having a constitutional crisis of which I knew nothing.

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