Allotment Adventures: Finally growing more than weeds

I didn’t do everything I set out to do this weekend but there was progress

From this img_4330to thisimg_4347That’s herbs (rosemary, sage, marjoram and thyme), tomatoes, courgettes and french beans in.

img_4338img_4340img_4339The beans are not looking so great right now but we’ll see how they do, I just about have time to sow straight in the ground if these don’t work!

I did not weed the raspberries but I did make a decision about the unweeded part of the allotment. Turn it over, cover in weed cloth. That way I can clear at leisure without worrying about being a bad neighbour. The unweeded area is really hard to dig over but we’ve had some rain recently and that should help. So far this is all I’ve doneimg_4346The plan for next weekend is to get some more dug over and under cover, weed the raspberries and get some runner beans and peas in the ground. Maybe there will also be time (and energy) to get another bed going for salad and wildflowers.img_4345There is still lots of work to do but I’m feeling better about it. And I picked some flowers…img_4342


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