What I’ve Read – May 2016

I really wanted to read this month, so I did! Here’s the list…

The Mane Event – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

The Beast in Him – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

The Mane Attraction – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

The Mane Squeeze – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

Beast Behaving Badly – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

Big Bad Beast – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

Wolf with Benefits – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

Bite Me – Shelly Laurenston (library ebook)

I’m going to take these all at once. This was a recommendation from a friend and from Smart Bitches. They were obviously entertaining enough to keep reading and are up there with Nalini Singh book crack, I’ve read all but one. They’re funny and get funnier as the series goes along, my favourite hero’s are the bears especially Bo, who likes a schedule and a list and things being tidy (he’s a fictional creation but I’m pretty sure that Laurenston has met my mother!) if I have one issue, its the female name calling, no one needs to call another woman a heifer but it lessened as the books went on so all good.

Only a Kiss – Mary Balogh – (library book)

Survivors club part 5, I love this series, I love that no-one gets cured, they each pair bring out the best in each other and commit to working through. Which is to me the most romantic thing you can do, not to expect perfect but to commit to working together.

Foxglove Summer – Ben Aaronvitch (library book)

I actually really enjoyed this. I liked that Peter was out of London because it absolutely echoed his emotional state, he was all at sea. It was a bit of a holding book but I think it was important because despite his cocky, know-all persona, he’s not always got the answer but he always tries. I think that’s the comparison, Peter is police because he’s good, Lesley was good because she was police and whether Peter could stand up to what Lesley experienced and still be good, I think this book was trying to show that he would. He sacrificed himself, ok he was hoping for rescue but he could have walked by didn’t. Lesley went to the ‘dark side’ now and she’ll try and keep Peter out of it because she cares about him, but seemingly all the other horrors that the Faceless Man will inflict on people that aren’t Peter, she’s ok with because it will eventually get her what she wants (her face back). You can also see Peter learning more and growing and thinking about the big picture. So I think the next book will be interesting.

Getting His Way – Erin Nichols (bought)

I love this series. this was interesting because both hero and heroine have unrealistic views of each other and learn to let that go. This was the book I read in the bath on a Friday night, all of it in one shot, which equates to 2 and half hours in the bath. My life is all rock and roll.

Keane’s Challenge – Iain Gale (library book)

The second Keane. Keane is a bit of a wonderboy, good at everything but slightly disturbed by how good he is at being a spy. I think it’s also quite good at showing what a new and innovative thing ‘exploring officers’ were. It’s been compared to Sharpe but Keane is Irish and doesn’t know who his father is, I always find this amusing Wellington was a snob, he liked to promote useful, intelligent sons of the aristocracy (look at his staff!) and while not above using good men, I can’t see that Keane would be so much trusted by Wellington. I am pleased that Keane isn’t one of the many heros of the 95th, if as many men served in the 95th as there have been books written about men serving in the 95th, well, the Peninsula would have been over run with British! That aside I enjoyed the book, Gale knows his stuff and sometimes it made me laugh out loud (Wellington’s opinion of the cavalry “No point sending them in. Once they’re off, they’re off, and we lose them. Good in the saddle, but damn uncontrollable fellows, every one of them” – couldn’t have summed up Wellington’s general opinion better if he tried!). I’m looking forward to the next one.

Much Ado About You – Eloisa James (bought)

This was one of my Barter Books purchases and look at cover, so very like my Georgette Heyer’s. I haven’t found an Eloisa James book that I’ve disliked and this is no exception.

The Countess – Lynsay Sands (library ebook)

This was a Smart Bitches recommend and I’ve had it on reserve since. It is completely crazysauce. There’s a lot going on and it all makes sense at the time but afterwards, you’re just sort of sitting there going “huh?” It was perfect travel reading, I read it on the train journey to France this month and completely bonkers. I could have done without Americanisms like ‘pants’ for trousers but this is not a book to be taken seriously except in one place. The heroine suffers from what we would deem coercive control something that if you’ve been listening to The Archers like what I have you will be familiar with. I really liked that the heroine didn’t just snap out of it once she was free of it but that it took her time and courage to trust that the romance wasn’t going to be like her marriage and that she was fine just as she was.

Controlled Burn – Shannon Stacey (library ebook)

I like Shannon Stacey books so when I saw that this was available I borrowed it to ‘take’ to Paris with me. I liked it but it felt rushed to me and ended all at once and I felt that there was more to know and see. However, another perfect train book.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransome Riggs (library book)

I’ve had this on a list of things I want to read for a long time. Then I saw the trailer for the film and thought I ought to get a move on and reserved it. God, I love the library. It’s not at all what I was expecting and I really liked it. I have the next two on order…

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