Food and Budget Update: 21/05 to 27/05/2016

Time to talk about food and budgets. My food week runs from Saturday until Friday. I went to Paris on the Friday and didn’t get back until late Sunday night, which is why this week appears quite short.


I deliberately didn’t do a big shop  I had Monday off work and went to Lidl then spent about £4.50 on carrots, and the basics for a chana masala (hey I like it and it’s useful!) I didn’t take a photo of the shopping so you’re just going to have to trust me!


I was completely out of sorts on Monday and my stomach was a bit upset, probably from the excess of good food and wine all weekend. I had toast and eggs on Monday for ‘breakfast’ and cheese on toast for dinner.

Tuesday was a bit of a disaster, I bought a sandwich for lunch and resolved to do better for the rest of the week. For the rest of the week, I had eggs for breakfast and lentil, feta and chickpea salad for lunch.

Tuesday night dinner was the lentil, feta and chickpea salad. No photo because I am an airhead and forgot!

Wednesday night was pasta because it is the ultimate in ‘I’m not feeling creative and I don’t want cook but have to’ food. This was aubergine, onion and seeds

Thursday night I ate breakfast for dinner. Poached eggs on toast are currently my default setting..

Friday was pizza


I am not good when I’m tired and grumpy and there’s not a proper plan! I know this and I was much more prepared for the week (which is this week).

Best thing I ate was the French set yogurt at the weekend. I love French supermarkets because of their yogurt aisles!

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