Food and Budget Update: 14/05 to 20/05/2016

SHOPPING img_4229I was very busy this weekend, which explains the very quick and blurry photo of my shopping. I was really pleased that on Saturday morning the only vegetables left in the fridge were some carrots, which were peeled and grated for use in other things. Sainsburys value peppers finally stopped having green ones in them and were from the Netherlands instead of Israel! Total cost was £14.75, £8.30 in Lidl and £6.78 in Sainsburys.


Saturday lunch was carrot and bean fritters with salad. It was a totally made up recipe and worked much better than I was expecting.

Saturday night dinner was egg rolls. I haven’t made one of these for ages and this week I rediscovered my love for them as you will see.

Sunday breakfast was toast. And Sunday lunch was lentil cottage pie with peas and spinach.img_4260

I really like it when I feed other people within my weekly budget and this week over the weekend Christelle and Ma were around for lunch on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

I did make some rhubarb muffins on Sunday which were pudding on Sunday night and my work breakfasts for the week. In fact food for work which was only four days looked like thisimg_4265

Monday night was lentils and pasta. I’m still working my way through the huge amount of lentil bolognese that I made to use up all the vegetables before I went on holiday.img_4263On Tuesday night, I had more pasta, this time with sausage, spinach and mushrooms. This is what happened when I’m tired, something easy to cook and eat.Wednesday night I had carrot and bean fritters with a yogurt sauce and salad.

Thursday was my last night at home and Ma and I had pizza, this was supposed to be sausage and spinach because it’s Ma’s favourite but I forgot to take the sausage out of the freezer and then I forgot to take a picture of it!

The rest of the week, I was either in or travelling to Paris so no cooking and all food was outside of the budget!


When I’m tired even when I have planned to eat something else, pasta is often the answer, two days in a row. Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good about my food choices and budget. What I think I didn’t do was account for being away over Friday to Sunday, because it felt like there was a lot of food left in the fridge when I left. It all survived the weekend and will be used this week but I could have planned better.

Best thing I ate this week

The rhubarb muffins, they were amazing, I could eat them all the time.


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