Allotment Adventures: In the weeds

After a weekend away and some rain I will admit to being apprehensive about what I was going to find on the plot on Monday. Would the lavender be dead already, would the weeds have taken over again?

The answers were that that lavender is still alive and the weeds are all over the place. The top of the allotment where we really worked the weekend before last looks really good.img_4314the poppies are lovelyimg_4315 but the weeds on the rest of it….oh god the weeds.

I need some quality time out there and that was not going to happen on Monday.

This coming weekend though is a Bank Holiday and it’s time for some serious work so we can plant stuff so this is my list for the weekend.

Things that must be done this weekend

  • Weeding, digging and measuring out beds.

This whole area needs to be cleared and dug over. My ultimate plan is to have raised beds, so it seems sensible to measure them out and add compost and feed to those areas and put bark around them to suppress the weeds. Longer term, the beds can be made on those areas.img_4234-1

  • Weeding and tying up the raspberries.

This is actually going to be a tough job because the weeds are rampant but the sooner it’s done the better!

  • Planting out the french beans, courgettes and tomatoes, that I have. (I’ve been given 8 cherry tomato plants from Ian at plot 212 who had some spares!)

I really need to get some stuff in the ground.

Things that can wait but would be good to do this weekend

  • Planting out herbs

I want to buy and plant out herb area, it’s not urgent but it would be useful to have some permanent plants in the ground so I don’t have to worry so much about the weeding.

  • Runner beans and peas

These are going straight in the ground by the poles. So I’d like to get some netting strung from them and get them planted.

  • Wildflowers at the top of the allotment.

I have some wildflower seed and I’d like to sow it around the poppies at the top of the allotment.

  • Emptying the water butt.

There’s a butt next to one of the rhubarb plants that needs to emptied and covered with nets to stop stray vegetation going in, I need to get on that.

There’s probably more but I think that’s plenty to be going on with!img_4316

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