Food and Budget Update: 30/04 to 06/05/2016

Straight away, I should confess to some ‘cheating’, I used some of my holiday money to buy a couple of pies and some sausages from The Amble Butcher. The rest of my shopping was done in Lidl and Morrisons in Morpeth on the Friday before we came home. The grand total was £16.62, which is an overspend caused by quinoa (which is possibly the most middle class  but I was out and I’ll make it up later so it’s not terrible.

This was the list. I couldn’t get seeds but got everything else.



We got home on Saturday evening and I didn’t have the energy after unpacking to cook. Instead I ate a pork pie from Amble and I have no regrets about that!

Sunday was a busy day. I made brunch using the vegetables that came back from Amble in the coolbox and sauteed potatoes, onion, mushroom and chorizo with an egg.

Then I went out to do all the things and by the time I got back from meeting baby Noah, it was 8.30pm and too late so I ate a chocolate oat bar and that was it. 

Monday was also pretty busy. I did the weekly food prep and had berry crisp and yogurt for breakfastimg_4161We went to see the family and Laura made spag bol. Which was amazing, poor Joe had to eat a banana flavoured rice cake while we chowed down. Then I was at Kathy and Adam’s for dinner, I didn’t eat loads but that was really good too! I love it when other people cook for me!After Monday’s carb overload, it was time to get back on the straight and narrow. Work breakfasts were more of the berry crisp with yogurt and lunches were roasted vegetable and chickpea spinach salad.

On Tuesday night, for mice related reasons (and that put the tin lid on a not very good day), dinner was a pie from Amble and a gin and tonic. It was a good pie.

Wednesday night was more positive, I ate another pie but this time with spring greens. Thursday night I was out. John was visiting and wanted to eat fish and chips, we went to the Golden Hind in Marylebone Lane. It was good, not as good as Amble but pretty good.
Friday night came and I was eating pizza.

I felt that this week was shorter on vegetables than I’d have liked and was more meat heavy than usual for a week at home, having said that I enjoyed that it was an easy week and it eased me back into a work week routine. The best thing I ate all week was Laura’s spag bol. Seriously good!


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