Life Happened: Nephews and Elections

My post holiday come down was somewhat alleviated by Monday being a bank holiday. Ma still had the hire car so we headed up to Watford to see the family (and give the nephews holiday presents!). The nephews are a delight, Oli was lovely and Joe is just very, very cute!img_4169

Laura cooked lunch and we had a lovely time. We also drew teams for the Euros, I don’t have confidence that I’m going to win this one!
Tuesday was a difficult day for having to go back to work reasons. The absolute tin lid on the day was coming home to this.img_4178At least the traps work, this is the first evidence (there have been no droppings) I’ve seen of mice since I first realised the buggers were invading in January. It’s the first time that the traps have gone off. The kitchen needed to be decontaminated and gin applied to my shattered nerves. I’m now back to an OCD level of cleaning and on full alert for the little pests.

On Thursday, I started the day right by casting my vote in the Mayoral and GLA elections. If you could vote, I hope you did. I was also happy about the new mayor, thank you London for not letting me down again after 8 years of Boris, who basically used the city to support his attempt to become the leader of the Tory party.

After work in Thursday, I met John for drinks. It’s always good to see him and there was load to catch up on. John is loving New York (it’s his happy place!) and the job is less manic than before but still pretty busy.On Friday, I realised that I’d left my sunglasses at Ben and Laura’s because someone had found them.Saturday was busy. I volunteered at the allotments in the morning so was up at 7pm to start baking and housework. Then allotments and signing and paying for my allotment. I made my 10,000 steps at about 12 noon! A trip to buy some allotment things and then to the cinema with Ma. Captain America, which I loved! Kathy came round for a catch up on Saturday evening and because she and Adam are amazing I got garden tools and wine!I fell into bed at 1am on Sunday morning absolutely shattered but feeling productive.

Sunday morning I was looking after the Baxter babies, who were lovely. Then shopped. Then Ma and I went to the allotment.


Became this.And there was rhubarb…A good weekend. Back to work tomorrow and if you want me outside of work hours, chances are I’ll be weeding…

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