Friday Links

Happy Friday! My first week back at work has been interesting, I think the universe thought that I came back from holiday too relaxed and happy and so tried to put a stop to it! Here are this week’s links….

What playing the woman card really means.

My friend Jenny wrote about running in Palestine.

Phil Green, BHS corporate raiding and politicians who do nothing about it.

A weasel shut down the Large Hadron Collider until the middle of May. This is just perfect…

The Puerto Rico debt crisis explained. I didn’t even know Puerto Rico had a debt crisis.

A map of Great Britain according to google autocomplete. Funny

Eight ways to tackle the life crisis you think you’re having. I love this, especially the bit about cleaning the house. Mother has been trying to teach me this for years and it’s finally sunk in!

Self-care is one of the most wonderful things you can learn and it’s nearly impossible to have a crisis when your house is clean and tidy, you’re stomping around on eight hours sleep and your body is crammed with fresh air and poached eggs on toast.

Is expensive workout gear necessary? To which I answer that the Swetty Betty workout trousers are, decent sports bra aside, the best money I have ever spent because they are the best trousers I ever bought and I can do body balance in them. Seriously, they are ace.

Donald Trump is a baby boomer. This is a bit wordy and it’s American but it hits a nerve.

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