Little Goals – April 2016

April has lots of good things in it. At the end of the month, I’m going on holiday, we’re going up to Northumberland again and I get to visit castles and go to Barter books, we will almost certainly go into Newcastle for the day and I’m really looking forward to it. Assuming that April goes as planned, I’ll only work for 13 of its 21 days, which isn’t too terrible at all! Also due in April, Ryan and Claire’s baby, it’s weird but I’m really looking forward to meeting the little chap and seeing Sarah as a Grandma (I’m sure she’ll take to it!!)20140914-204723-74843564.jpg

In addition to keeping on top of my 2016 goals and I really need to try and focus ’cause as I said last week, I feel that danger is that I’m getting cocky! I want to do the following:


Have one week this month were I only spend £5 on groceries. This will probably be the week before I go away. The last couple of weeks, it feels like I have masses of food in the house and it’s good practice for me to think about using what I have before I shop for the things I always eat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Focus on de-cluttering. Because Ma will have the car at the end of the month, there is a trip to dump planned! But it’s not just rubbish, I need to look, really look at what I have and whether I use it (it may finally be time to get rid of the pasta maker!)

Deep clean. It’s that time anyway but I’d like to do this before I go on holiday so I come back to a clean house and don’t any chores other than unpacking.IMG_3150


Three times a week walk from the station to the office. I confess, I’ve stalled a bit on the walking because I am really scared of pushing it with my foot but the better weather should be just around the corner, although with England ‘better’ is subjective, and three times a week feels doable.

Get to bed before 10pm on schoolnights. This just needs a re-focus to make sure that I’m getting my z’sIMG_2825



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