Life Happened: Sniffly..

The joy of waking up on a Monday morning when I don’t have to go to work never gets old. Especially as I had plans. I met Kathy for coffee and catching up. Made bread, went to the library and took the very pregnant, very bored Clare bread and marmalade. All Mondays should be like this!

Then it was Tuesday and back to work and the work week passed as usual but with slightly more work than normal thanks to the 4 day week and it being the busy part of the month. Half way through the week, I caught something cold like, it wasn’t bad, I just felt tired and got the usual sore throat, under chin rash and bunged up nose. Everyone at work has had some kind of cold/flu something over the past couple of weeks so it’s not that much of a surprise, it’s just really bloody annoying.

By Friday, I was ready for the weekend and some rest.

Saturday morning was spent at Kathy and Adam’s, watching the boy so Adam could do some DIY. We had fun with bubbles. Then I walked into Ealing, took some books back to the library and after the food shop, went home and cooked an amazing (even if I do say so myself) dinner!  Saturday night is when the cold really took hold and by Sunday I was feeling pretty miserable and lethargic. I walked Ma to the station, bought some cold medicine and sorted out food prep for next week and went to bed early.

This week is a busy work week and I’m not feeling my shiny best but in two weeks time I’ll be on holiday and my brother sent me this photo to cheer me up…img_4032Aren’t they cute?


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