Friday Links

Happy Friday! As ever I’m happy to get to the end of the work week and ready for the weekend. Only two more weeks and I’ll be on holiday…

This week’s links..

The resurrection isn’t an argument, it’s the Christian word for defiance. This…

My friend Jonny wrote some thoughts about the Panama Papers leak. 

I asked one of the men protesting outside Marie Stopes last week, how he was helping women with his protest. I pointed out that there are children without parents, children living in poverty, children who are the victims of abuse and neglect and asked him to help them and then come and talk to women having abortions about the possibility of not having them. He didn’t get it.

I understand people may think abortion is wrong but standing outside a clinic isn’t helping, it’s trying to shame people for their choices when you don’t understand their circumstances. All protesters do is make the choice harder. In this I speak from personal experience, so when I think about the situation in Northern Ireland, I’m angry, women in the UK should all have the same rights over their bodies and the same choices about whether they wish to continue with a pregnancy.

The problem for poor, white children is that a part of their story has been killed. Preach…

I really hate to link to the Daily Mail but that this appeared in the Daily Mail is something huge. Privatisation! Free Trade! Shares for all! The great con that ruined Britain

Becoming Amish

A Grand Sophy film. Fantasy casting begins now…


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