Life Happened: Alone in the Office

After a couple of frankly boring weeks, this last one wasn’t that much more exciting. It was much more organised and so felt better. But it’s probably time to admit that I’m turning into a Hull and my messier, less organised Dempsey traits are slowly being killed off my mother’s more controlling ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place’ characteristics.

My brother has always claimed that I’m more like our Dad than he is, I certainly did not inherit my mother’s maths brain and I still can’t do a codeword but I have been getting more and more tidy. This week I found myself muttering about people who put their cups in the sink and not on the side, which is a Grandad thing…

I’ve also got a ‘get into work at 8am’ thing going on and have as a result memorised the train times from West Ealing to Paddington in the morning. Ok that’s not any guarantee that that trains will actually turn up on time but I know the time they should be there.

And after the last few weeks of not being as organised as I’d like, this week it felt like I was properly organised, with packed breakfasts and lunches, clothes all sorted and everything else in control!

I took Wednesday afternoon off to take Ryan and Claire to deliver the baby bath and some carrot cakes. It was lovely to see them (I’m not sure that I’ve seen Claire since the wedding) and to find out what’s going on with them other than having a baby in about three weeks time! I could get very used to part time working, it was just lovely to be outside and getting on with things during the day, but this could be because at work I was struggling with minutes (all 18 pages of them so far – it was a long meeting) and because on Thursday and Friday all of my team were on leave, two of them in Dublin!IMG_3935Unless I’m on holiday, Monday to Friday are pretty boring days. I have to take it fairly easy because of work and trying to avoid having a migraine, so it’s work, home, eat, clean, sleep, repeat, not really very exciting.

Friday evening was interesting for me, I met Ma briefly on Friday night (we hit Paddington at more or less the same time!). Then went home for pizza and an early night with a book and a whiskeyIMG_3942On Saturday, Ma and I went to see a very early showing (11:35) of Deadpool, we had free cinema tickets (thanks to Ben and Laura) and a practically empty cinema…and then the rest of the weekend was mine to do with as I wished.  Which aside from some food prep was reading lots and lots of reading! So my perfect weekend really!

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