Food and Budget Update: 12/03 to 18/03/2016

Tuesdays really seem to swing around quickly now I have a dedicated thing to write about each week.


Here are the lists.



I couldn’t find any packs of peppers without green ones in them so ended up buying a bag of small ones from Tesco when I went to the library, I also bought a butternut squash and a jar of cinnamon. This drove me over budget for a total spend this week of £16.30. Yes the £1.30 will be coming out of next week, it’s not good but I stand by all my purchases!


I properly meal prepped this week, getting the 2 week old pineapple chopped and in pots for work snacks before it died and had to be thrown away (I hate waste!). I chopped up the butternut squash and roasted it with onions and the courgette and parsnips that were in the fridge and needed using up. I used some carrots that had built up over the last weeks to make carrot cake muffins. (Some for me, some for work and some to take to Claire and Ryan later in the week!). I made parsley and garlic butter too and I baked a loaf of bread (half white/half wholemeal because I’m all about balance!)

Breakfasts were breakfast wraps. They had egg, roasted vegetables, black beans and a little cheese in them, I made 5 and froze the remaining 3 as I’ll use them when I have a three day work week after Easter!IMG_3926

Lunches were these with a chopped salad of peppers, carrots and mushrooms.IMG_3934Dinners were more interesting, I made a lemon and mushroom orzo with a chicken leg that was fabulous but needs some refinement and less lemon zest and which I completely didn’t take a photo of..

I ate mushrooms on toast because I could and I was tired and it’s a fabulous meal. In a concession to health I also roasted the baby carrots and peppers to have with it..IMG_3932I finished off the last of the osteotomy bean stew, that I made back in October and needed to be rescued from the freezer and eaten or thrown away! That with rice and some of the roasted vegetables was a good dinner.IMG_3933

On St Patrick’s Day, I had last cottage pie that I made after Christmas with peas. This was also a freezer meal and had potato in it and thus Irish (ish). I also had a Guinness because while I don’t do ‘paddywhackery’ or we’re all Irish (I’m not I have Irish grandparents) an excuse to drink Guinness should not be missed!IMG_3936IMG_3935

Friday was a return to sausage and spinach pizza.IMG_3940-0


A relearned lesson about how useful I find food preparation at the weekend. It’s not just that it helps make my work week more simple. It seems that a full fridge, frees up space in my head so I can be creative. I can more effectively see what I have in the house that needs to be used and it’s easier to be creative about menu planning for the next week.

Making the carrot cake muffins was nice too because it’s been a while and I promised Sarah something for her  birthday, which it coming up.



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