Friday Links

Happy Friday!  Generally, it’s not been a great week for news, the world seems to be going to hell in a handcart but here are this week’s link’s

Wondering if I need to start calling her Madame Ambassador now.  This is fabulous news and may mean another trip for me to Cote d’Ivoire…

And of course as soon as it’s announced there’s a terrorist attack at Grand Bassam. I’ve been to Grand Bassam and if you were going to launch a terror attack in Cote d’Ivoire, it makes a sick sort of sense. Mostly I’m just sad because Cote d’Ivoire has been through enough and that a bunch of misguided idiots think that this is the work you should do for God.

This recap of one of the Democrat debates is hilarious (no pun intended!)

I’m a proud Londoner but the neglect of the rest of the country by politicians is disgraceful. Well done to The Yorkshire Post for catching Cameron’s PR out and for asking the  hard questions…

The budget’s top priority should be housing. Yes but the Tories won’t do what Labour didn’t. The housing crisis has been years in the making, I’ve been banging on about it for around 20 years…

I saw Stevie Wonder in concert when I was about 16 and it’s still the best gig I have ever been to and he’s gonna be in Hyde Park in the summer. If you haven’t seen him live and can afford it, buy tickets to this!

How Donald Trump happened. I honestly don’t know enough about the US to say whether this is a true assessment or not. I do know that white working class resentment about lack of opportunity, housing and the ability to work does sometimes express itself as racism.

This makes me think about Tabitha. Third culture kids

The benefits of spring cleaning. I like the flat to be tidy because I feel better when it is so this didn’t surprise me…

Our physical surroundings have an incredible impact on how we feel, especially for women. In one study, women who described their homes as being messy or disorderly displayed flatter diurnal slopes of cortisol, an indicator associated with depression and poor coping skills. These women also displayed greater increases in depressed mood throughout the day, greater fatigue in the evening and experienced a more difficult transition from work to home.

Gin revival. Apparently we’re still talking about this!

The magical thinking behind the budget.

The story behind the shamrock shake, or weird things you can get in US McDonalds that you can’t get in the UK (I think it’s been years since I’ve been in a McDonalds and I still haven’t forgiven them for dropping root beer). This is an example of ‘paddywhackery’ that happens around St Patricks Day…

How you should have celebrated St Patrick’s Day

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