Life Happened: A normal week

It’s not that I’ve had any really abnormal weeks this year it’s just that last week has been so normal.

Honestly, nothing really happened. No dramas at work, I was in before around 8am each morning, got the work I needed to do done. Went home.

I was quite tired and made a concerted effort to make sure that I did everything that needed to be done before I sat down because on the one night I didn’t, I fell asleep on the sofa and then had to get up and put the washing up away

I finally have nails that are in good enough shape to paint, which made me happy! 
On Friday we had another team lunch to use up the budget and plan what our team page on the intranet should look like (I told you it was all fun, all the time this week!) and I renewed my annual travelcard (goodbye £1520.00 and thank god for work travel loans!)

Ma’s cold prevented her from coming over for pizza as planned so I had a cheeky cocktail and made pizza. 

 The weekend was quiet, I met Sarah for coffee and a chat  Made marmalade  and read a book, Among Others by Jo Walton, which I loved   Next week will be less boring, I have a busier work week, a funeral, family lunch in Saturday (I’m very much looking forward to hearing about Oli going to Beavers and seeing Joe who is standing now (or as my brother says growing up too soon!)

Aims for this week, keep on top of the flat so I’m not running around on Saturday morning, library visit and getting enough sleep… 


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