Food and Budget Update: 13/02 to 19/02/2016

It that time of the week! Here’s this week’s recap on what I ate and spent on eating. I should start off by noting that it was a bad week not for budget or shopping but for eating because I got a bug or something, basically, what I thought was only a migraine on Tuesday was a migraine and upset tummy. You don’t need to know anymore but it wasn’t fun!



Here were the lists. Lidl’s cheaper vegetables offer included onions and it had Comté on special offer (French week), so French Onion Soup was happening. I ended up with two pots of yoghurt and no fizzy water. I bought rocket salad instead of spinach for my week day lunch, knowing that I only needed it for 4 instead of five days. At Sainsburys, the price of tinned fruit went up and I bought the cheaper apricots over the tinned fruit but could someone please explain to me why the lower basics brands of tinned fruit only come in syrup not fruit juice? I don’t do fruit in syrup. This is also the time to confess. I had salt on the list but I ran out before I shopped on Saturday so had to buy some on the way home on Friday night and that puts me over budget by 76p. Here are the invoices for the shopping minus the salt.

IMG_3814 IMG_3813
Total spent £15.76.


The plan for the week was pretty simple. Yoghurt pot for breakfast, farro (with tomatoes, spinach and green beans) with salad for lunch, pineapple and a marmalade muffin and work fruit as snacks. While I managed to remember that I only needed lunch for 4 days while I was shopping, I completely forgot while I was doing the weekly food prep, so five lunches (one day soon I will have five salad containers because perhaps then my brain will calm down!) and this is what food prep looks like in my house!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Over the weekend I was out on Saturday and on Sunday ate several bowls of French Onion Soup (it’s not as good as Christelle’s dad’s soup but it was still pretty good!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I was out on Monday night, babysitting so didn’t plan anything.

On Tuesday I had the orzo and chicken, which has been  stashed in the freezer. I’d been sick a couple of times in the morning and post migraine ate this. Mistake. I ate nothing on Wednesday.

Thursday was more French Onion Soup

Friday was FNP.


There weren’t really any lessons this week, more that I put in the work and organisation and it worked, 76p overspend not withstanding.




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