Life Happened: Small Children…

Last week was not an altogether great week. Monday was fine, after work I went to the Baxters to help with bedtime and get told that there was ‘no hitting, no throwing and no throwing stones’ in the Baxter household, so the youngest one knows the rules even if he’s not consistent about obeying them!

Tuesday and Wednesday were complete write offs due to me being sick, I’m still not sure if it was a migraine or a bug or a bad combination of the two but it wasn’t fun.

Life didn’t get interesting until Friday. We had team lunch followed by team building. We had lunch at BoBo Social (which is the most stupid name in the world) but has good burgers.   Then we went to the Secret Studio, we made it out but two minutes over time!

We’ve had Saturday booked in for family time for ages and I was really  looking forward to it,  although it does involve Shepherds Bush Station. Shepherds Bush is still grim even if there is a big Westfields there nowadays…

 It was good to see everyone. Oli was moving too fast to take a photo of but trust me he’s cute and very clever. Joe and I managed a picture before he tried to eat the camera, J is also the spit of my brother, although he’s much less of a grump!  We’ll see them again in a couple of weeks for Mothers Day lunch!

I was tired on Sunday, so housework, food prep and reading were the order of the day. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Chelsea beat Man City 5-1, I was expecting to lose although to be fair it looked like Man City fielded their youth team. Anyway we have Everton in the next round plenty of room to fall on a banana skin, we are not having a good season at all!

This week is more or less, the last week of the month and March and hopefully spring lies ahead of us, my only plan is to survive the week!


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