Friday Links

Happy Friday! Here are this weeks links…

Koalas are on the endangered species list and get chlamydia. The only thing I knew about koalas before that was that they aren’t actually bears and that sometimes they fall out of trees because they get stoned on eucalyptus. Every day is a learning day, so I now know four things about koalas. Also poor koalas.

Temperance drinks. Not drinking is the new drinking…

The Thames Barrier is closer or we’d be flooded. London is actually quite boggy…

A junior doctor on Jeremy Hunt and the doctors strike

Mark Steele on the doctors strike

Why farmers quit farming

Ian Jack on the problems with the garden bridge.

I did say this week that I don’t really do Valentine’s Day and that holds but there were some good pieces on singleness this week. So..

This is the real reason you’re single.

There are the gaps between what is our lived experience and the way we are told we should be living. In these gaps – if you are lucky enough – there is a load of love. It doesn’t look like the love on the Valentine’s Day cards – but it feels like love, nonetheless. And maybe that is why you are single

Cocktails at home

Older renters suffer too. I think I’ve said this before but this has been happening to working class people for ages, I’ve been banging on about the problem with housing for at least 20 years. However, how the middle classes have lost their security the media has picked up on it. Finally.

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