Breakfast wraps

I am a creature of habit in lots of ways, I like routine and when I like eating something, I tend to eat it a lot until I’m sick of it. I’ve about reached that stage with my breakfasts, the granola pot in the morning isn’t making me quite as happy as it used to, so I need to mix it up.

Because I had five tortillas and some of the black bean and corn taco mix left over from last week. I decided that a breakfast wrap would be the perfect way to do that. Things in a tortilla are so handy, you could fill them with lots of different things and freeze them for breakfasts and lunches. They are a perfect fast food.

The taco mix on its own wasn’t going to do that so I added a leek, a pepper, some mushrooms and five defrosted blocks of spinach which I sauteed before I added the taco mix. That done, I then added five beaten eggs and cooked it all through.DSCF5210 There is no way to make that mixture look good. Ok there probably is but I lack the requisite skills or patience! Anyway, I wrapped the mixture into the tortillas.DSCF5213Wrapped in foil and stored in the fridge. At work in the morning, I took them out of the foil, wrapped in kitchen roll and heated in the microwave.

Breakfast solved!


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