Food and Budget Update: 06/02 to 12/02/2016

It that time of the week! Here’s this week’s recap on what I ate and spent on eating…


This was the list for this week, which was quite long


I tend to split the list into shops, so Lidl first, then Sainsburys, this week I also went to Waitrose for split peas, chickpeas and orzo. They are the same price as they would be in Sainsburys but my Sainsburys has stopped selling dried beans and only sells them in tins. There was no celery in Lidl and I completely forget to pick it up in Sainsburys, I also forgot to buy eggs but I had just enough for what I needed this week, I’m completely out now though.

I also impulse bought some blood oranges because I was really craving oranges and the ordinary ones were looking a bit manky.IMG_3789Here are the receipts, just for clarity, I’ve crossed out the non-food items (laundry detergent, baby bottom butter etc!). I spent £14.34, a whole 66p for the change jar!IMG_3783IMG_3782IMG_3784

Here’s what I bought. (I really need to find a better way of photographing this so it doesn’t include the food processor and/or kettle!)DSCF5207DSCF5209


Weekday breakfasts were a breakfast wrap and lunches were split pea soup and spinach with a slice of bread (except on Thursday when I had a working lunch). For snacks I had pineapple and marmalade muffins.DSCF5227IMG_3788On Saturday, I cooked this chicken and orzo recipe from Budget Bytes, it was great but I was having a ‘mare of a cooking day. I burnt the onion flatbread, the put too much orzo in the pan, the chicken wasn’t cooked when the orzo was done. Eventually, I hoicked the chicken out and stuck it in the oven for 10 minutes to make sure it was cooked through. So rescued it and it was good, some days in the kitchen are just like that and I wouldn’t be my mothers daughter if I didn’t occasionally burn food into carbon!IMG_3785-0I was going to freeze the remaining two portions of orzo but because I spent most of Sunday afternoon doing food prep I just reheated a portion of the orzo and called it done.

Other dinners this week were mushrooms on toast, which is just the best dinner ever!

Stuffed pasta and vegetablesDSCF5201On Wednesday I had pasta with onions and capers  Thursday night I didn’t eat dinner at all. I was too tired and was in bed at 8pm!

FNP happened. Spinach, onion and sausage.  LESSONS LEARNED

I’m finding this a really interesting challenge as time goes on because as I start to run out of things finding the space in the budget is interesting. Constantly having to think about what I’m buying and rearrange the menu plan to fit the budget is making me more aware of the cost of food and I thought I was pretty good about that. I’m about two months into doing this and it’s hard to eat well on a budget consistently but I am enjoying finding new recipes and thinking differently about shopping and cooking.

The other take away from this week, it that although I felt like I spent most of the weekend shopping, cooking or washing up, with most of Sunday, it paid off because on Monday morning, I felt organised and in control (which was great because I completely overslept on Monday morning and knowing that breakfast and lunch were already made really helped) which was a marked contrast from the week before.



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