Life Happened: Haircuts and hangovers

Last week was a slog. It was an end of January type thing, still dark, still rainy, mostly dull sort of a week. Given that I was quite pleased to have get to the end of it more or less intact and without abandoning anything important.

Goals for this week were;

  • to continue on with getting up at 6am and into work for 8am. Because I really could not chance having to stand on the journey to work and I was just tired enough that winging it would seem like a good idea
  • keep on top of the housework
  • take my lunch into work every day

These things are not at all about pushing myself, more about surviving the work week and I managed that and all of the above.

It is getting lighter, very, very slowly and the sky on Tuesday was very pretty by the time I got to Paddington. 

 Most of the week was spent trying not to be grumpy and trying to get some sleep (the banshee baby next door has not had a good week!)

I took Friday afternoon as leave so I could get to Jane’s for my haircut earlier and worked from home in the morning. Yay for not having to get up until 8am, when it was more or less light!

Friday night I stayed at Ma’s and on Saturday we headed into Kingston to do some shopping. 

 I was at Mike and Christelle’s on Saturday night and that is where the trouble started! 

I was sick, very, very sick. I’m still being sick, which as far as I’m concerned means it’s more than the evils of drink at fault, I’m going to blame the curry! Although I think C and I are going to be alcohol free for a couple of weeks!

This week is shaping up to be quite busy as we head towards the monthly meeting, so my aims are all about doing what I can do to get enough sleep this week and trying to keep some food in me!

  • Be in bed at 9:30pm so I can be relaxed enough to fall asleep at 10pm, rather than gettting into bed at 10pm and taking a while to get to sleep
  • No screen time after 9pm

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