Food and Budget Update: 23/01 to 30/01/2016

You know how sometimes you have a really good week and sometimes even though there’s very little difference from other weeks, you just feel that you were less in control and therefore it felt like a rubbish week?

That was this week. The shopping was fine and within budget, the food was good and had lots of good stuff in it, I just felt off and didn’t feel that it was great until I came to sit down and write this. Blame January, move on.

Here are the reciepts, I forgot to take a photo of the list!. £14.74 DSCF5192DSCF5193

There was no spinach to be had, I forgot to get peaches, I bought sugar for marmalade that wasn’t on the list, it was not the most organised shopping I’ve ever done! DSCF5169DSCF5171DSCF5176DSCF5177I did manage to feed myself but I totally managed to over cater for Saturday night dinner. It was a rice bake using the slow cooker chicken and peppers that was in the freezer, which fed Ma and me that night and was my lunch all of the following week. Work food followed the same pattern it has in previous weeks, fruit, yoghurt and granola, I used the mango as I forgot the peaches. Lunch was the rice bake and instead of spinach I used the peeler to cut very thin strips of carrot as a basic salad. Pineapple was for a snack and I also ate work fruit, mostly apples.DSCF5183

Dinners were:

Monday: Mushrooms on toast, with an egg because eggs made everything into a meal. I also didn’t take a photo of this, but please take my word for it, it was good!

Tuesday: Roasted vegetables with flatbread  Wednesday: Black bean burger with roasted carrotsDSCF5185

Thursday: FNP a day early. I stayed at Ma’s on Friday night but had all the ingredients and it had been a pizza kind of day…  Friday: Out at Ma’s.

See it wasn’t actually that bad of a week, within budget and pretty healthy, so I don’t know why I was beating myself up about it…

This was also the last week of my budgeted month as pay day was Thursday. So for January. I’ve stuck to the budget, I spent £000 and put a grand total of £00.00 into the change jar. Although I’ve been doing this since December, this is the first month I’m doing it as a challenge and I’m really enjoying it, I could have done without losing all that food to the mice and my inability to keep food that was in plastic boxes that the mice had walked on/around but I’ve moved my food cupboard and it’s actually been easier to have less although I do have some re-stocking to do as and when I need things. I do think there will be weeks when that £15 is going to seem really small and although I don’t do a lot of entertaining nowadays, I do generally have the family over for celebration dinners a few times a year, these meals can’t all come out of that weekly £15 but I will try to keep the cost of them to £15 which would be pretty good going for feeding 4 adults and a six year old, especially when one of them is Ben ‘two dinners’ Dempsey and the six year old needs constant supplies of garlic bread!

Other things I’ve learned? I need to check what’s on offer before I make my list and menu plan and life goes much easier if I plan the same breakfast and lunch during the work week and make it all up on Sunday.


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