2016 Goal Recaps – January

We made it to the end of January! How did the first month of 2016 treat you? Overall, I would say mine was off to a good start but the last two weeks, which were also the weeks that I went back to full time hours and getting up in the dark, were a slog…

But anyway, it’s time for the first goal update of 2016, which like the month, I’m feeling good about.


  • De-clutter & Deep Cleaning

Little goal – Kitchen de-clutter and deep clean

This got off to a quick mouse inspired start. Kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered. I’m going to do the deep clean every two months in the kitchen just because. In fact I have a routine for cleaning the kitchen now. The rest of the house is looking pretty good but there will be more de-cluttering in 2016

Little goal – Baby bath to Ryan and Clare. Trying to co-ordinate a time with Ryan has been tricky, it may get done tomorrow, more likely it will roll over into next month…


  • Tracking. I’m on top of this and feeling much better about life generally because of it.
  • Food Budget. This is going well with updates happening and because I’m paying attention it feels good.
  • Overdraft. I’m on track with this.
  • Credit Cards. Haven’t used them, even in the face of the mouse emergency….


  •  Walking. My walking is better than it was immediately post osteotomy and I’m getting to 10,000 a couple of days a week, but it does have an impact so I need to be careful.
  • Books. 2/24
  • Work Uniform. I love this, it makes life so much easier not just in terms of deciding what to wear in the morning but in keeping it clean, on Thursday nights I do a clothes wash and it’s dried and in the wardrobe ready by Sunday. Simple, can only wonder why I didn’t work it out sooner! It’ll be a bit harder as it starts to get warmer but for January, it’s been fantastic.

Little goal – Yoga twice a week 

This is happening with some adaptions for my foot.

Little goal – Exercise set. 

Doing it every morning, it’s such a small amount but I can feel it getting easier so it must be doing something.


Little goal – Watch 4 DVD’s this month. 

I managed 1, Ma and I watched Emma

Send postcards to Oli and Miss T. 

I did this on Friday, talk about getting it in at the last minute!

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