Eye Eye

I read somewhere that women in their 30’s should use eye cream daily. That it didn’t have to be fancy but that using it would help prevent wrinkles.

I completely failed with this. The only eye area problem I had was dark circles and I couldn’t see that eye cream made that much difference to those so I just skipped the extra step. (Even Sali Hughes isn’t convinced about their effectiveness!)DSCF5076However, in my 40’s I’ve begun to notice that my skin around my eyes do have wrinkles and the skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to. Eye cream is one of those beauty products that feels expensive, I see those cute little pots and am shocked at the prices, it seems like a lot of money to spend if it doesn’t work and how am I going to know if it works? Sure you only use a little but then with the pots, there’s all that time I’m sticking my fingers in it. So I went for something lower down the scale and bought a bottle of the Waitrose Pure Eye Gel seemed like a good place to start. I was looking at eye cream when I was in Waitrose and the oney other ones they had was over £20! The Pure at £2.99 was a bargain and also had a pump avoiding the fingers in pot problem.  I like all the other Pure products I’ve tried (the face oil is my favourite of the range). It has some form of menthol in it so it is helping with the puffiness but the jury is out on whether it’s helping with the wrinkles!DSCF5077If anyone has a suggestion for an eye cream they swear by please let me know…


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